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Cheap 3d camera
« on: August 23, 2013, 01:20:07 PM »
I bought a new telly over the summer which supports 3D, but not having a blu ray player or anything I wasn't sure if I could make any use of it.  Not knowing much about 3D displays I spent a bit of time working out how I could just try it out, I even contemplated buying a new graphics card which I thought I would need. 

After a bit of a read of the manual and tour of the web I found a simple solution of getting it to work using side by side stereo.  As the name suggests - it is literally 2 images next to each other which the television displays together but using different polarizations of light for each ( this is a passive 3d TV ), the glasses then limit the image getting through to each eye by the polarization for that side.  Off to Youtube and found some videos which worked well with my telly ( yes the Smurfs in 3d is something to errrr.... try ).

As this looked sooo simple - and with 2 web cam's ( off e-bay for just under £5 each ) add a bit of programming ( lots of help from OpenCV libraries ) my laptop is now capable of recording stereo videos  :)

I'm not sure if they are cinema quality - especially the test ones of my living room, but the idea of being able to create 3D videos or images using el cheapo components opens some interesting possibilities.

Off to work out how I can convert the output from the kinect back to 3D...