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Chunky Beech wood cheese boards
« on: December 10, 2013, 11:14:09 PM »
So, I had this Beech log that Arch and I split into a roughly rectangular section lump when I was on crutches last year.

Firstly I split it in half.

Then  in half again.

Then I cut the best bits out of the riven plank and put them through the surface planer to get a flat face and edge.

Then I ran them through the bandsaw.

That gave me two planks, one slightly thicker then the other.

Then I drew the shape I wanted on each plank, avoiding some areas of damage and faults.

The holes were then drilled with a 35mm forstner bit and the outline cut out on the bandsaw.

I then sanded the edges, routed a 6mm radius around all the edges, and then finish sanded them by hand.

That's a couple of Christmas presents made in a couple of hours.  The bottom one looks a little like a slug though!:eek: 

If you want to buy one don't ask me, please buy from Start in Salford and support them in their work supporting people with mental health problems.  They helped me when I needed it, and I just nicked the idea.:)  :)
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