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The final Maker night at the Public - Tuesday 29th October


Look forward to seeing everyone at the final maker night at 'The Public'.

Please come along and make the most of this final event to bring along your creative activities, talk and share ideas with like minded others.

If you are interested in keeping this going, please come along and make it known so we can try to establish future interest and consider finding another venue to avoid letting this effort die out.


Will try to be there.

Great - the more the merrier.

Don't think I'm going to be able to make it.  I've got the lurgy.  :(

Hope the final maker night goes well...

Don't pass it on. >:(
Sorry to hear you are unwell.
Hope to see you at another Nikki production sometime.

The meeting and the public seem very quiet tonight with just two here.

It looks like there isn't enough demand for a rerun at another venue, and venues for free seem a bit far apart here at the moment.

I will be trying local libraries next, but suspect the idea is dying on it's feet.

Catch you another time.



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