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Tea? Coffee? Cake?

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Maker of Things:
So, what would you like when you are making or fixing?

Me? A coffee (no milk) in the morning and then Decaff Earl Grey tea.  Cake is always welcome, especially home made.

In fizzPOP v1.0 days Choco Leibniz[1] and chips became somewhat canonical. At the recent Maker Nights at The Public I took it upon myself to ensure there was a ready supply of Jaffa Cakes.

Not so good for the diabetic makers amongst us  :(

We'll need an alternative (or perhaps an addition) next time around, methinks...

[1] More chocolate than biscuit

Generally, it's tea for me, white, no sugar.

Cake? Why, yes please!

My Mum likes Choco Liebnitz. She's a bit more restrained than I am, so she can do this wierd thing where she only eats one at a time. She can eat less than a whole tube of Pringles too. Bonkers!

Maker of Things:
<reboots kettle>

Anyone around for a cuppa?

Well today was 'fun'.  Why is it the people who know least about a task often have the most to say about how it should be done?
Still, at least the workshop time was productive, despite having to modify the inlet pipe on my chip extractor to reduce a restriction to the flow of wood chips.
4" soil pipe elbows has a much better through flow then that flexy spiral wired stuff.  Just need to sort the rest of the pipe run.

Maker of Things:
I got a new toy today.

A Bosch 18v drill with 13mm chuck, hammer action and two 18v 4ah lithium batteries. £230 from Axminster Tools.

The specs say it is a really good drill, it will be put to work and we shall see if it is as good as other Bosch tools I have owned.

The only downsides so far is that the drill doesn't have screw driver bit storage in the body so I will have to hack some with Sugru, and the box doesn't have enclosed storage when the lid shuts so any loose drills and driver bits will rattle about inside.


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