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Maker of Things:

--- Quote from: Arch on October 23, 2013, 07:02:42 PM ---
Ooh, does that mean you have a large, possibly organisable, box going spare? ;)

--- End quote ---

Maybe, not sure if I will have another use for it just yet.

I found that the box can be bought on its own for £40.50!  :o
And they come in different sizes.

Maker of Things:
Not sure if this would count as making something but today I spent the afternoon in Colin Crichton's Polygon Studio.

I was lending my ear to some tracks he had collaborated in for a critiquing session.  After nearly 4 hours we had made notes and remixed 3 tracks identifying the good and bad points and parts that will need re-recording or rewriting.
Then we set to critiquing some of his solo work as the 'Can Guru Project' which needed fewer changes.

It was good to be back in the recording studio working on music, something I haven't done enough of recently, with Colin.

I count myself as a layman when it comes to music having not played since I finished with my band back in the mid 80's. 
I found I was better at making the equipment then I was at playing.  I built the band's PA, my own 60W 'W' bin bass speaker amp, an active bass guitar running on +-15v, a quadraphonic fretless bass guitar, and an electric violin.

Maybe I will play again one day, but I should buy shares in ear defenders first! ;D


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