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Chunky Beech wood cheese boards


Maker of Things:
So, I had this Beech log that Arch and I split into a roughly rectangular section lump when I was on crutches last year.

Firstly I split it in half.

Then  in half again.

Then I cut the best bits out of the riven plank and put them through the surface planer to get a flat face and edge.

Then I ran them through the bandsaw.

That gave me two planks, one slightly thicker then the other.

Then I drew the shape I wanted on each plank, avoiding some areas of damage and faults.

The holes were then drilled with a 35mm forstner bit and the outline cut out on the bandsaw.

I then sanded the edges, routed a 6mm radius around all the edges, and then finish sanded them by hand.

That's a couple of Christmas presents made in a couple of hours.  The bottom one looks a little like a slug though! 

If you want to buy one don't ask me, please buy from Start in Salford and support them in their work supporting people with mental health problems.  They helped me when I needed it, and I just nicked the idea.  :)


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