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Maker Night - Tuesday 1st October 2013


Look forward to seeing everyone at the next maker night at 'The Public'.


Planning to work on / complete the Raspberry Pi Library box conversion from a 'Pirate Box', as the Arduino sensor components I ordered are still somewhere in 'snail mail' virtual space.

Hope others can come as well - what are you planning to do?

As the venue only has a few more meetings available, it would be helpful to have a discussion tonight on possible alternative venues / locations to try to keep this small beginning going locally.

Any other thoughts?


It appears the booking had not been processed, and no one knew about it.

Floor 3 in use by orchestra, but the staff kindly arranged to let me use floor 2 room 1.

It seems low attendance tonight, but not clear if anyone has turned up and been turned away. I will stop till about 7:30 when access to the room is needed.

I will try to attend the Sandwell University of the 3rd age ( meeting due soon. They also have the problem of meeting at the public from now on, and plan to discuss this - so I hope to find possible replacement locations / ideas for future.
In some ways aspects of the maker meetings may also fit with their purpose - so it might be useful to do a presentation in the future to help spread the word about.

Appreciate any thoughts people have.


I managed to speak to Ian today, who was not sure why there was any issues. He has confirmed the venue will be available to the group for the last two meetings there.

Bonus thanks to the helpful desk staff who were most helpful given the situation.

I hope more people will be available to attend, and make the most of the last chances to use this venue.



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