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Continuing maker sessions at The Public

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Register your interest here and figure stuff out if you want to continue using The Public for meet-ups (until the end of October 2013).

Interest registered!

Drop in, or some form of official organiser needed to fulfill the mandarins needs?

I'd be interested.  Even if it is to see what other people are working on.

Is there any feedback on this?

None formally as far as I have heard, but I'm planning to turn up circa 6pm on Tuesday to see what happens unless I hear something in-between.

I think it will have to be bring what you need, given Nikki and her 'bits and bobs' boxes won't be there.
This means I'm possibly in researching / planning and 'odds and sods' mode more than a practical effort till I see the 'lie of the land', and discover what is to hand without Nikki present. The sorts of things I often can't do without disturbance.

We could also discuss chances of another free venue being found.....

Look forward to seeing you there?


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